Every time I think I’ve had it with this show, it starts giving me bits like this and reels me back in.


Bikini Bottom just got real..



Ski holiday with friends was a great reminder that life is awesome and having that one person is just a plusp point but not a requirement :)

Love makes you blind.
Keep your hopes up and keep working for him/her but don’t neglect everyone else because you will regret it. Trust me xD

important things i’ve learned

first of all think for yourself. sooner or later you will have to find out about who you are. the things you like. the principles you feel comfortable with. i used to just copy others when i noticed they got attention for something but now i learned that i’m a sweet guy,probaby too sweet and it worked really badly for me so i learned to think a bit more about myself instead of others and i’m not saying be a dick to people. i used to think that was the best thing to do but i realise now that if i did turn myself into one i’d probably wouldn’t be as happy, even if i did get me a really cute girl next to me while falling asleep. i’d rather wait longer for a girl i can be myself with then one i have to act like a dick with.
so to summary
learn who you are, think for yourself, and if those 2 things are taken care of think about others.

because face it. this world with all it’s horrible events and people on is still pretty awesome thanks to the people that make you feel comfortable ……so take care of them and if there is one person that stands out. spend a bit more time on that one person and see where it takes you :) 


Kill La Kill cosplays at a convention I went to today! ^~^ there were at least 3 of Aikuro!

Not sick anymore. But my knee is still fucked up so no snowboarding for me :(


Good Guy Rupert Grint


Good Guy Rupert Grint